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“ It was great HR-conference, well organized, IMD show a high professionality in introducing all their Products and Diplomas, Especially which serve HR sector, Thank you IMD ”


“ I have always thought that self-assessing questionnaires were fads and fun articles giving pleasure to magazine readers, until I tried TAQEEM; a very transparent self-interpreting tool, so true, revealing one's self, in striking clear words. ”


“ I have found the Basic Management training course, held by Dr. Rasheed, to be indeed rich and inspiring, it has given our corporate lots of ideas to help us improve and look forward to a better organization. It also invites one to go deeper into the art of management. ”


“ Communication Skills training course, held by Dr. Tareq Rasheed, has given us a different perspective about communication, and as with other discussions with Dr. Rasheed, it has induced many question marks and invited us to spear ourselves, hoping to better connect with others and...Ourselves! ”