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Development Project- Ta'heel


 is comprised of training programs to invest  in reinforcing a value-based system focused on culture and spiritual concepts.

Achieving prosperity and the well-being of our societies through taking advantage of the existing natural resources will lead to the development of

physical capital and economic prosperity.  


Lack of sustainable prosperity is often rooted in failure of values rather than technical or managerial failures.

We assist individuals from all segments of society pursue excellence and development  as a lifestyle through techniques and strategies of local

empowerment, efficiently using culture values to shape attitudes and operations.

TA'HEEL Components:

TA’HEEL programs consists of a series of projects targeting strategic groups:

1. JADARAT - Project for university students , entry and exit levels (ages 18-22)

2. MAHARAT 52 - 52 Skills Project  (ages 18-35)

3. REYADAH - Leadership Project for young  entrepreneurs  (ages 14-30)

4. REYADYAT  - Empowering young women (ages 18-40)

5. PRO-MAHARAT - Pro-skills for employees and employers (ages 30-60)