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Management Courses

Organizational Managerial Courses

The program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization : 

  •  Introduce the participants to the concept and significance of strategic planning and strategic management.
  • Provide the participants with the methods to prepare and design the process of strategic planning.
  •  Introduce the participants to the levels, requirements and models of strategic management.
  •  Introduce the participants to the importance of strategic thinking and how to best utilize the effectiveness of the human brain in making good strategic decisions



Class 1:  Program Introduction and the Technical Writing Process. 

Class 2:  English Grammar I and Activity Reports. 

Class 3:  English Grammar II and Meeting Minutes.

Class 4:  Memos and Reports.  

Class 5: Technical Writing Software. 

Class 6:  Graphical Communication.

Class 7:  Proposal and Specification Preparation. 

Class 8 Communication Skills:  

Class 9:  Wrap Up .