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  Program Objectives and Importance:

To gain a competitive edge in today’s world, the individual, group and organization must be able to continually evolve.  For those who are looking to step into the dynamic and progressive area of coaching and mentoring, which are the most important tool now for the continuous development of individuals and organizations, this course is designed to be a helping hand in this direction.

The focus will be on fostering a culture of quality and excellence resulting in more critical break-through thinking, energy and motivation, and sustained productivity of individuals and teams. You participate through simulations, interactive exercises and discussions to learn how to apply powerful models to enhance personal and organizational performance outcomes.

Coaching is seen as much the sports coach, the coach sets specific goals and objectives, determines what is needed to achieve them, and help others on target setting, professional and personal development, and offers practical guidance and advise towards organizational success.

Mentoring is seen as much the wise man in the pool, the mentor is an experienced figure that leads by example and is a role model. Mentors will help others in the organization see and realize the big picture and understand the politics of the organization.

A coach can be a mentor , and a mentor can be a coach, or in other words, the roles could be combined, and that’s what’s this course is aims to achieve.

The course will illustrate and explain the basic principles and key concepts behind this increasingly well recognized, effective method of achieving change and development in organizations. Coaching and mentoring follows a well defined, systematic logic which produces results that can be very powerful.

The course aims at increasing awareness of participants in the area of coaching and mentoring as well as building competency in these important areas. Furthermore, the course will  help the trainees to gain the skill of coaching so as they can play the important role of coaching in their organizations.

The course will be mainly directed to qualifying new engineers from different disciplines so they can help their managers in transferring the knowledge and skills needed to others in the team.


About the Course : 

This course is designed to provide practical guidance for the participants on enhancing their leadership skills, potentially leading to their performance improvement. The course differentiates between 'management' and 'leadership' and it highlights that both of these involves 'getting work output through others' and it creates insight and understanding  why dealing with people is the most difficult aspect of leadership.  Other elements covered by the course are improved communication and integration, creating a more highly motivated and developed staff, performance improvement and group dynamics creating and maintaining effective team working and leadership styles and functioning within a multi-cultural organisation.  


ILM Certified Courses (Institute of Leadership & Management, UK)